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Programs and Services

From industry leading and evidence-driven training programs to an extensive portfolio of consulting services, SGE is here to help with your aquatic safety needs.

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Training Programs & Certifications

Elite operations demand elite training programs, and we deliver. SGE provides a wide-range of programs for personnel at any type of aquatic facility. Our programs prepare your staff to operate safely, focus on risk prevention, and be ready to act in the event of an emergency. The StarGuard lifeguard program is an industry-leading training curriculum and internationally-recognized certification.

  • StarGuard programs feature the industry most evidence based protocols and adult learner activities are the foundation of a curriculum that fosters practical skills and retention.
  • StarGuard partners with Health & Safety Institute (HSI, formerly ASHI) for all CPR, AED, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Emergency Oxygen training elements that are used in the program.
  • The StarGuard program is built to be objective, realistic, and adaptable to any type of pool or non-surf waterfront.

Aquatic Safety Audits

We provide on-site unannounced audits that are superior to any other audit program in the industry. Our audit program is objective based, has a clear scoring methodology, and helps facilities evolve their facility’s comprehensive safety for guests and staff. External audits include:

  • Observations of Lifeguards, Slide dispatch (if applicable), and on-deck Supervisors 
  • Skills & scenarios testing
  • Facility operational safety review
  • Operational documentation review

Our aquatic safety audits are conducted by experienced industry professionals who bring an objective driven mindset with focus on mentoring clients to exceed safety standards. Our audit program is completely digital and reviewable through our secure Lifeguard Portal™.

The SGE Portal features an internal audit program that is free of charge for clients. This one-of-a-kind program offers access to the same features, criteria, and scoring methodology that is used by the SGE Auditor team.

Aquatic Risk Prevention Program (ARP)

Our Aquatic Risk Prevention (ARP) program is the most comprehensive and objective based anywhere. The ARP program includes the following services:

  • Establishment as a StarGuard and Health & Safety Institute (HSI/ASHI) Training Center
  • Certification and licensing services for Lifeguards, Slide Attendants, Instructors, Supervisors, Advanced First Aid, and more
  • Access to the proprietary SGE Portal to manage training and operations data in a single system
  • Innovative audit program for both internal and external audits
  • On-site visits for audits, training, and staff development
  • Registration for SGE’s Conference for Aquatic Management Professionals (CAMP)
  • Designated Client Partner support for operations and training
  • And much more!

Conference for Aquatic Management Professionals (CAMP)

Join top Aquatic Management Professionals in learning, sharing, and propelling innovation in the aquatic industry. SGE's CAMP training conferences feature a challenging and rewarding curriculum designed to help Aquatic Management Professionals for any type of aquatic facility grow and improve.

CAMP Attendees Receive the Following Training:

  • SGE Program Updates
  • Medical Director Updates
  • Operational Advancements and Best Practices
  • Aquatic Leadership Development
  • Regional/Industry Focus for each Host Location

CAMP conferences are currently hosted annually in Florida/Caribbean, Chicago, Phoenix, Dubai, and the Bahamas.

Risk Prevention Consulting

From initial concept to established operation, SGE provides unmatched safety and operational expertise to assist any project.  Our team's extensive operational experience and expertise uniquely positions SGE to be able to accommodate virtually any type of aquatic safety service that may be required. Examples include:

  • Conceptual design and plan reviews.
  • Staffing recommendations and positioning of lifeguards, slide attendants, and on-deck supervision.
  • Aquatic Operational Reviews and Facility Risk Assessments based on conceptual plan or established operations.
  • Additional site reviews for either new construction or existing facilities, includes:
    • Operational Development or Re-Development, Physical Facility Inspections, Code Compliance, Post-Incident support, Attraction Consulting, and more.

Attraction Testing and Commissioning

StarGuard ELITE's proprietary attraction commissioning program is the ideal solution for any owner or operator who is opening a new water attraction, renovating an existing attraction, or having challenges to safely operate one. SGE's provides third-party commissioning of waterslides, children's attractions, surf attractions, wave pools, rivers, and more.  The program is based on the latest industry standards for safety and operation, and includes extensive testing and analysis.  

  • SGE's proprietary guidelines work in conjunction with manufacturer guidelines. Our commissioning ensures an attraction is operating safely and as designed.
  • Commissioning includes a comprehensive review of each attraction, including all safety & operational elements.
  • Commissioning also includes documented attraction testing conducted according to our proprietary commissioning guidelines.