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Frequently Asked Questions – New SGE Portal

  1. Will I lose any of my information or history in the new system?
    1. No! You will not lose ANY of your existing data or information from the current portal.  Some information may be displayed differently, but we have worked tirelessly to capture all existing records and maintain that history into the new SGE Portal.
  2. Will I use the same link (URL) to access the new SGE Portal?
    1. No. We are creating an entirely new and universal link for everyone!  There will be no more subdomains or custom links for clients.  All clients will access the new SGE Portal at
  3. Will I keep the same login credentials?
    1. Yes, but now you have new options!  The new SGE Portal will allow you to use your existing username, or you can use the email you have registered to log into the new SGE Portal.
  4. Will there be a period when I should not enter any records into the current Portal?
    1. Yes.  The current SGE Portal will be offline starting at 8PM EST on Sunday March 10th.  The new portal will be online starting Tuesday March 12th at 8AM EST.
  5. What are key changes? 
    1. One of our priorities with the new system is to try to maintain a familiar "look & feel" while restructuring the overall system to become more adaptable for the near future for clients. 
    2. Some of the changes and new features will be a much fast system, users being able to be shared in multiple accounts, streamlined account creation & login process, improved course management, and much more.
  6. Will the old SGE Portal still be usable? 
    1. No.  We will keep the existing system accessible for a period of time for information retrieval if needed, however any information updates to the system will no longer be accessible.  We will have a link & redirect page for all users to remind them to use the new system.
  7. Will the portal be down at all? 
    1. Yes, as stated above, the portal will be offline for approximately 36 hours to ensure complete data migration.  
  8. What do I do if I find an error or am having other issues in the new SGE Portal? 
    1. While we are striving to have no errors or system issues, we are very aware that there likely will be some challenges along this journey.  
    2. The new SGE Portal will have a "Bug Reporting" form available for any user to send to our software development team to report any issues you may be experiencing.
    3. Our team will be working tirelessly to urgently address any issues that may arise.
  9. Will there be user guides for the new system? 
    1. Yes.  We will have new SGE Portal User Guides in the coming weeks and months.  These will be available in the Document Repository as they become available.
  10. Will there be continuous changes? 
    1. Yes!  A major reason for the new system is that we have a HUGE number of new features and functions we want to add.  Doing so required us to rebuild the existing platform using the latest technology.  At SGE, we are ALWAYS looking to improve our products and services!