1. What services do you provide?
  2. How much do your services cost?
  3. What kind of facilities are you capable of serving?
  4. Is the StarGuard ELITE program accredited?
  5. Is your program compliant with the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)?
  6. What happens if my facility experiences an emergency?
  7. What is your auditing program like?
  8. What is the "Lifeguard Portal?"
  9. We're a little nervous about switching service providers. Is there any liability from making a switch?
  10. Do you provide any other educational opportunities or certifications?


  1. What services do you provide?

    StarGuard ELITE (SGE) provides our clients with an internationally recognized lifeguard training program and more:

    • A wide range of training and certification options to fit your needs including: Basic Life Support (CPR & AED), Pool/Waterpark Lifeguarding, Waterslide Dispatch, Limited Water Attractions, and Open Water Lifeguarding (for lake-front and ocean-front facilities).
    • To maintain these test-ready levels, monthly inservice training is expected be completed to help your lifeguards retain the skills they learned in class and ensure that you've got the best lifeguards in the business.
    • Industry-leading lifeguard scanning techniques within the confines of our 30-Second Recognition and Rescue (R&R) Standard; this approach critically prevents aquatic scenarios from becoming catastrophic drowning events.
    • Research-based rescue techniques that resolve long-standing challenges including deep water techniques, very shallow water techniques, and spinal scenarios.
    • Audit Reviews, which provide the client with objective third-party feedback on lifeguard, dispatch and supervisor performance, as well as assessments of facility safety and documentation.
    • Consistent and comprehensive service, support, and attention – we are committed to providing client-centric consulting, from the perspective of industry veterans with decades of experience as operators who know how to build relationships.
    • World-class accident & incident investigation and litigation support based upon real-world expertise.
    • Innovative technology that moves your aquatic risk prevention into the digital age. Our on-line portal provides clients with the ability to ditch the filing cabinets and to track lifeguard and dispatch licensing, audits, rescues, incidents, inservice training, and more in a secure and mobile-friendly web-based environment.
    • Flat-fee or per-unit pricing models for a wide variety of services including certifications, audit reviews, an annual risk prevention inspection, attendance to our annual Conference of Aquatic Management Professionals, and annual inservice training sessions facilitated by one of our Instructor Trainers.
    • Periodic Risk Management Alerts (RMAs) focused on current industry challenges and up-to-date legal information.
    • A dynamic, flexible, and customizable program designed to fit the needs of any aquatic facility.
    • Easy lifeguard and instructor license/certification reciprocity and transfers.

  2. How much do your services cost?

    Since facility sizes vary so greatly, it's impossible to indicate your costs here. That said, one of our three core values is being Cost Effective. As experienced veteran operators, we've seen plenty of consultants charge ridiculous prices. Our strategy of being cost-competitive while providing elite service is what has driven our extraordinary growth. You have a choice and we're convinced that if you compare our services and pricing with our competitors, you'll feel compelled to make a switch. Be prepared to receive better service at a better price.

  3. What kind of facilities are you capable of serving?

    Our program is designed for every type of aquatic facility, from municipal pools to high-end resorts, and from beach-front operations to large-scale water parks. SGE has over 200 facilities currently using the StarGuard program. The program has shown tremendous growth the past few years and is found in facilities of all shapes & sizes worldwide.

    • USA
    • Caribbean
    • Far East
    • Middle East

  4. Is the StarGuard ELITE program accredited?

    Yes; the SGE program is one of the few programs that is both nationally and internationally recognized.

    The CPR, AED and First Aid content is provided by American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and is based upon the 2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science With Treatment Recommendations, the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, and the 2015 American Heart Association and American Red Cross International Consensus on First Aid Science With Treatment Recommendations. Notably, ASHI contributed a staff member to serve on the Advisory Board for these recommendations.


    • Meets the most current standards for:
      • International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) / American Heart Association (AHA) CPR, ECC, and First Aid Guidelines
      • Recommendations by the Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
      • First Aid & CPR by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAOP), American Public Health Association (APHA), and the National Resource Center for Health & Safety in Childcare and Early Education
    • Is nationally accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS)
    • Maintains notable partnerships with the YMCA of USA, the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), and Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI), among others
    • The CPR, AED, and First Aid content has been incorporated with lifeguard rescue and drowning victim support content consistent with numerous guidance documents, including but not limited to the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, and minimum competencies recommended by the International Life Saving Federation, and Australian NTIS training package qualifications. This work has been performed by our collaborative and strategic partner, Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) and is compiled within SAI's "StarGuard" program and textbook, published by the world's leading publisher of information in the health and activity fields, Human Kinetics.
    • Operates under Medical Direction provided by licensed emergency physicians (MDs) who are also leading experts in drowning resuscitation research and protocols. Both directors are Fellows in the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Academy of Emergency Medicine, have written extensively, and serve as reviewers for the ILCOR Science and Treatment Recommendations.
    • Programs are recognized for continuing education credits (CECs) by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) and the Aquatic Exercise Association. College credit is provided for SAI programs through Ball State University; Abiline Christian University and Western Carolina University also provide college credit through courses offered by SAI Training Centers
    • Is a member of World Waterpark Association (WWA), the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), and the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP)
    • Founders, leaders, and staff serve on the:
      • Writing Committee for the Lifeguard and Bather Supervision module of the Model Aquatic Health Code
      • World Waterpark Association Board of Directors
      • YMCA of USA Aquatic Experts Panel, by invitation to assist in strategic planning for aquatic training programs
      • Quality Control Council for pools, water parks, and beaches in Abu Dhabi
      • Speaker at the last three World Conferences on Drowning Prevention (2009, 2012, 2015)
    • Maintains a regional office as a sponsored LLC with a business trade license in Abu Dhabi, UAE for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
    • Has trained over 10,000 swim instructors, taught more than a million people to swim, and has numerous aquatics initiatives and strategic partnerships including:
      • AquaTech water chemistry programs
      • Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) - developing and operating the PADI Swim School program
      • USA Swimming Foundation - Affiliate Coalition Partner to support learn-to-swim and water safety initiatives
      • Lifeguards Without Borders - collaboration to support outreach programs in underserved countries with high drowning rates
      • Professional Provider - YMCA of USA and the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)
      • Landmark Learning - collaborative partnership to deliver lifeguard training and water safety curriculum for the outdoor recreation and wilderness education industries

  5. Is your program compliant with the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)?

    Yes, while the CDC established a national industry standard for aquatics in 2014 and updated it with a second version in 2016, our leadership team has monitored these developments all along the way and has members that sit on the development and review committees. StarGuard ELITE clients will receive a Client Handbook that serves as a "living" document to assist clients in achieving their objectives, which includes full compliance with the MAHC. Our StarGuard ELITE Instructor license and our StarGuard ELITE Leadership Training meet the MAHC requirements for supervisory training; our Instructor Program includes a MAHC-required Quality Control Program; and our Client Handbook notates MAHC compliance throughout, as well in appendix format.

  6. What happens if my facility experiences an emergency?

    All administrative needs can be serviced via our corporate office, based in Central Florida. But rather than asking clients to find the "right" person in our organization to handle a specific concern, every client will be assigned a "Client Partner" that will serve as a one-stop-shop for any issues that may arise, including during critical incidents. Clients are also provided back-up contacts in the event that a Client Partner isn't immediately available. More importantly, clients should know that we're not only responsive but that we're your partners in a critical incident. World-class accident investigation and litigation support is something you can count on.

  7. What is your auditing program like?

    Our Audit Review program provides your facility with objective, third-party feedback about the performance of your staff, facility, and documentation efforts. Most seasonal facilities that participate in Audit Reviews receive at least two Audit Reviews per summer, with most receiving three. Year-round operations typically receive at least four Audit Reviews per year. Unlike a traditional certification, our licensing program allows you to hold your staff accountable for their performance. If a lifeguard fails to maintain the terms of his or her license, the license can be suspended or revoked.

    The StarGuard ELITE Audit Reviewer team is comprised of veteran water park operators and aquatic safety experts. SGE understands the responsibility of using only the most qualified representatives in the field to consult our clients and mentor their teams.

    SGE also employs the use of our lifeguard portal for the documentation of audits. There are no more papers to file or media discs to lose. Everything is loaded into our web-based portal for easy-access and permanent retention. Clients can also use our portal to document their own internal audits.

  8. What is the "Lifeguard Portal?"

    The StarGuard ELITE Lifeguard Portal is a leading edge online resource that moves clients away from risky, paper-based collection and into the digital age of risk management. The portal consolidates certifications & licensing, audit reviews, inservice training, rescue & incident reporting, and corrective action management into one secure online product.

    The portal is also completely mobile-friendly, includes a customizable user-permission system, and creates efficiencies for the operation. A rescue report can be completed entirely via smartphone or tablet right from the pool deck. Instructors and students perform digital approvals and use electronic signatures to make certifications and licensing a paperless process. Tracking of inservice training is finally more than a haphazard and homegrown spreadsheet. Audit assessments cover observations of lifeguards, slide dispatchers, and supervisors as well as skills & scenarios, facility operations, and documentation for both external and internal reviews. Videos and other media can be uploaded and associated with any assessment, eliminating the need for paper reports and media discs. The corrective actions module can be used to document retraining and retesting of staff when required and can even be used for the submission of maintenance work orders. The rescue and incident reporting modules digitally track a comprehensive set of critical information; even hand-written witness statements can be uploaded. The portal can even be used to notify local, state, or insurance companies, as needed. Best yet, the StarGuard ELITE Lifeguard Portal is an ever-evolving product with more modules to come.

  9. We're a little nervous about switching service providers. Is there any liability from making a switch?

    We are extremely sensitive to the fact that, as operators, we are all constantly analyzing, evaluating, and challenging our procedures to provide the safest operations to our guests, despite the constant threat of liability. The StarGuard ELITE program is an internationally recognized program that meets or exceeds the same established industry standards contained within the programs of other aquatic risk management providers. Our program employs industry-setting procedures aimed at risk prevention. Switching service providers, to an internationally recognized program that has all of the elements recognized as necessary to be considered comprehensive in nature, will have no impact when introduced into a situation where curriculum components are comparable. Fear of change can only hold back progress.

  10. Do you provide any other educational opportunities or certifications?

    SGE encourages professional development beyond the typical lifeguard or instructor training. SGE provides StarGuard ELITE Leadership Training and delivers an array of leadership training modules at our annual Conference of Aquatic Management Professionals (CAMP). Through our alliance with SAI, we also provide a menu of certification options including:

    • Professional Rescuer CPR/AED (for non-aquatic first-responders)
    • Dispatch training (for slide operators)
    • STAR training (for watersports operators)
    • Starfish Swimming (the best swim instruction program in the industry, as well as a potential new revenue stream for clients)
    • AquaTech training (a recognized equivalent for CPO/AFO that also provides practical "hands-on" training)